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World class players like Ronaldo, Robinho, Kaka and Fabregas have developed by playing Futsal.
The SLFA has started to make headway and will look to introduce Futsal to Saint Lucians in September.


How is Fustal different from classic soccer?

  • The rules of the game are similar to classic soccer with certain modifications to allow for the reduced space.
  • Futsal is a scaled down version of conventional soccer and it is played by two teams of five players each, including a goalkeeper on each side. It is played on basketball-sized courts, on a variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors. The game does not require the use of expensive dasher boards, but has instead the normal touchline boundaries with no wall to smash the ball (and the bodies) against.
  • The ball is a smaller size (size 3 or 4), heavier and has a dampened bounce. Futsal is the official five-a-side indoor soccer game and the only indoor soccer recognized by FIFA.