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National League

Organizational Structure

The St. Lucia Football Association consists of nineteen (19) affiliates. Five (5) of these are what is termed football leagues, twelve (13) of them are Youth and Sports Councils and one (1) is a Committee established to run football in that area.


The National football season will typically be of seven months duration from May to December. The seven-month period will sufficiently cater for the number of tournaments being played under the new structure.


Clubs or Districts seeking to attain and maintain membership of the Association must subscribe to the following:

  • An Executive Committee
  • A constitution
  • Technical Staff (Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, etc
  • An identifiable home ground
  • At least one (1) youth team with the exception of women’s teams
  • One senior women team within 3 years

The opportunity to apply for full membership status will be granted on the following basis:

  • The Club or District must be recommended by an Affiliate of the Association.
  • The Club or District must be an Associate member of the Association
  • Clubs affiliated to the SLFA or playing within first or second division or the two highest levels of SLFA Competition may participate within an event of an affiliate of the SLFA, but must first seek permission from the SLFA to do so. The goal of membership is to create an enabling environment for development at the individual, Community and National level for their effective participation in the decision making process.


The playing structure of the Association shall consist of:-

  • Club Competition senior male
  • A zonal competition  for District/ Football League (senior male)
  • Competitions for Female
  • Under 23 for Male
  • Under 20 Men
  • Under 18 for Youth, Boys, Girls 
  • Under 16 for Youth, Boys at the school level
  • Under 15 for Youth, Girls at the school level

The proposed playing structure for Football in St. Lucia aims to harness the potential of
footballers, through a system of divisions for clubs, and a system of zone for the District
Team and for the age group female. These structures will foster a more competitive environment.



National League Format


In the Gold division - all clubs shall participate in a round robin format, with the top four (4) teams advancing to the semi-finals stage and then to the finals.


In the Silver division - all clubs shall participate in a round robin format, with the top four (4) teams advancing to semi-finals stage and then to the finals stage.


In the Bronze division - all clubs participating in the playoff shall participate in a round robin , or in 4 group format, with the top (4) four or (8) club advancing to the semi-finals stage and to the finals stage. The semi-finals stage shall be played on a knock-out basis.


CLUB Senior Male

The Club competition will be for all the Clubs on the Island. The Clubs will be admitted to the Club Competition as follows: - (1) the clubs in the Gold Division in 2006 will form the Gold Division; (2) the clubs in the Silver Division in 2006 will form the Silver Division with the relegations and promotions.




  1. Big Players
  2. Northern United
  3. GSYO
  4. Challengers
  5. Canaries Community Club
  6. Rovers United
  7. VSADC
  8. Nyah
  9. Pakis
  10. Roots Alley Ballers
  11. Stable Boys
  1. FC Pioneers
  2. Square Untied
  3. Lancers
  4. FC Platinu
  5. Faux A Chaux
  6. Choppers


The Bronze Division shall be one of the competitions of each of the Districts. The top team of that competition will play in a play off to determine the two teams of the Bronze Division. This division shall be played in their respective district. The District shall administer this division for the SLFA and all registration monies shall belong to the league.


A Premier League shall be created: -

  • In 2010 the top eight (8) teams in the Gold Division shall be promoted to the Premier League and the remaining team in the Gold Division shall move to the first division.
  • In 2010 a first division league shall be created and the top (5) five teams in the silver division moves to the first division with the remaining team in the silver division to the second division.
  • In 2010 a second division shall be created and the team participating in the promotional competition in the Bronze division shall be in the second division.
  • After 2010 there shall be no Gold, Silver and Bronze division, instead a Premier League, First Division and Second Division.


The proposed Club competition offers the clubs participation at the national level; an extra incentive to perform through the system of relegation and promotion.

Clubs will be rewarded for their outstanding performance through promotion to a higher division, while clubs failing to perform will be relegated.

The two (2) bottom teams in the Gold Division will automatically be relegated to Silver division and the two (2) top teams form the Silver Division will be promoted to the Gold Division.

The two bottom team of the Silver division shall be automatically relegated to the Bronze division.

The top team in each district will compete in a promotional competition on a home and away knockout and the top two in each clubs will be promoted automatically to the silver division and the bottom two in the silver will be automatically relegated to their respective league where they last played.